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The 9/11 Bible

This Bile, displaying Christ’s “turn the other cheek” message of forgiveness, was found in the rubble of the Twin Towers after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. (See below for a close up picture of the Bible pages)

A Bible open to a plea for forgiveness was found fused to molten metal in the rubble of the Twin Towers. It is on display at the September 11th Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center, and was shown to Pope Francis during his September 2015 visit.

The Friendship Trilogy presents three related mysteries::

  • Did the Bible belong to Donna, a recently defrocked minister who disappeared that day
  • How did it get there? 
    • Donna had planned to take an early train to Buffalo that morning.   Instead, had she been lured to the World Trade Center by Malik, an al-Qaeda member?   He had fled from Boston as a young man to support Islamic causes: Ayatollah Komenhi in Iran  and, later, Osama bin Laden.   As September 11th approached,  Malik sought revenge against Donna after his sister had been linked to her in a sex scandal splashed across the Internet.
  • What does ‘forgiveness’ mean in the age of terrorism and political polarization?
    • Could ‘turn the other cheek’ simply mean that we should let go of the fear and anger that causes ‘stupid-vision’ – which causes us to only see the negative about ourselves and others when we are stressed?  Would a process that combines forgiveness with the strength of assertiveness help us to find win-win solutions between couples, political parties and countries?  (as is explored when Peter Rudolph launches his 2024 Presidental campaign in Dangerous Medicine(book three of the Trilogy)

Most of my characters (and I) agree that forgiveness dosen’t mean that you fail to protect yourself or seek justice.  But by using music, mindfulness (or other  forgiveness strategies) to let go of ‘bad’ feelings, we are better able to understand ourselves and others.  Thus,we can develop win-win solutions with those whose gender, generation, race, relgion, politics or sexual oreientation is different than yours. 

9-11-Bible close up

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