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  • zinanwang1 posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Name: Custom 1KG Coffee Package Gusset Bag
    Specification: W125+10 x H390 x G40MM
    Materials: MateOPP20/AL7/PE120

    Product Description
    Custom 1KG Coffee Package Gusset Bag is a side gusset pouch which is the most popular pouch for coffee and tea and hence they are referred as “Coffee or Tea Pouches”.
    These side gusset pouches maximises the storage capacity since they square out after being filled. They have gussets on both sides and an inclusive fin-seal runs from top to bottom with horizontal sealing at both the top-side and the bottom-side. The top-side is usually left open for filling the contents.

    Materials available for option:
    ●Matte finish: Matt OPP/Al/PE, Matt PET/AL/PE
    ●Materials are Eco-Friendly & Food grade
    ●Aluminum foil/Metalized effection, Good Strength, High barrier for water Vapor, oxygen, sun light
    ●With a tear-notch for easy lefting, and built-in ziplocks allow customers to re-close the bag after each use offer unprinted bags, Allows for easy label on the back panels and low cost.
    Gusset Bags And Back Seal Gusset Bags suppliers

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