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  • lskd89v posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Automatic production line for three consecutive grinding machine use vacuum suction beans, soya bean, the brewing of suction to the pulping machine, the vacuum can open the vacuum tank at the bottom of the big butterfly valve, let the beans down to funnel of the pulping machine automatically in pulping, eliminating the human bean to the pulping machine, simple operation time

    Product features:
    1. Practical and efficient: can processing beans 250 kilograms per hour, and a larger ascension space, only one person can easily operate, three pulping machine arrangement in pulping, pulp yield and pulping speeds increase, the production of soybean milk, soybean curd, all kinds of tofu, bean curd, bean curd, bean curd stick, fermented bean curd, and other basic equipment of bean products.
    2. Automatic control: automatic control system is adopted to complete the automation of the whole processing process; The whole process of adding beans, adding water, mixing slag, separating slag slurry and defoaming is automated.
    3. Clean and sanitary: stainless steel production equipment in line with sanitary standards, clean and smooth, easy to clean, in the whole process of processing, the ground without water operation, clean and sanitary environment. Small area of only 5 square meters, simple installation, advanced technology, a set of equipment only one person to operate, save time, labor and effort.
    4. Convenient and fast: adopt automatic grouting, high level self-flow and slag and pump suction beans, save the area and reduce the fault point, simple and convenient, save time and effort.
    5. High yield: the use of domestic advanced slag pulp automatic separator, the unique built-in stone grinding wheel, can make the soybean grinding, effective nutrients and soy products fiber into the water, the pulp yield compared with the traditional manual grinding by 2-3, rich flavor.
    6. Energy saving and consumption reduction: the second and third grinding of bean dregs can be realized through the principle of gravity drop, reducing the work flow and turnover. The vacuum bean storage barrel is equipped with a finite position meter and connected with the vortex pressure fan, automatically judging the remaining amount of beans.

    Automatic pulping machine manufacturers after-sales service:
    1. All kinds of products and machines, strictly implement the user supervision and factory acceptance system;
    2. Guarantee to provide spare parts for maintenance, and provide maintenance services as required by users;
    3. Sign the contract for purchasing the machine, with detailed technical discs and materials, so that you can better master the technology in direct mail order or later use;
    4. If any quality problem is found during the use of the product by the user, the user shall reply within 24 hours upon receipt of the user’s notice, or send service personnel to deal with the damage of the machine.
    China Bean Products Equipment manufacturers

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