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    Product Introduction
    Parallel-flow DAF dissolved air flotation machine is very good filter system to polishing waste water. It used to treat liquid-solid-separation & sedimentation. It is removing suspended solid and other pollutants from water.
    Treating Process Diagram
    White bubbles in the DAF mixed well with solids and block them to the tank surface. Sludge blanket removed by a scraper to sludge tank. Then finished a clarify processing.
    Product Parameter
    (m3/h)Dissolved air volume
    (m3/h)Main Motor
    (kw)Air Compressor
    (kw)×2Total power (kw)
    Reaction excludeReaction include
    GF-10.5-10.3-0.50.550.550.180.37×21.28/ 2.02
    GF-21-20.5-0.80.550.550.180.37×21.28/ 2.02
    GF-32-31-×21.85/ 2.65
    GF-53-51.5-21.10.550.20.4×21.85/ 2.65
    GF-105-103-41.50.750.20.4×22.45/ 3.25
    GF-1510-154-52.20.750.40.75×23.35/ 4.85
    GF-2015-205-72.20.750.40.75×23.35/ 4.85
    GF-3020-308-125.50.750.40.75×26.65/ 8.15
    GF-4030-4010-155.50.750.40.75×26.65/ 8.15
    GF-5040-5015-×29.4/ 10.9
    GF-6050-6018-×29.4/ 10.9
    GF-7060-7020-25112.20.40.75×213.6/ 15.1
    GF-8070-8025-30112.20.40.75×213.6/ 15.1
    GF-10080-10035-40152.20.40.75×217.6/ 19.1
    GF-150120-15040-50152.20.41.1×217.6/ 19.8
    GF-200180-20070-802240.41.1×226.4/ 28.6
    Super Subsurface DAF unit features & advantages
    ※ color and impurities removal
    ※ recycle use material in paper industry
    ※ heavy metal removal
    ※ pretreatment of biological treatment
    Product Application
    Food industry, oil industrial, landfill leachate, manufacturing industry…
    ※ Can you provide special requirements from customers?
    Yes. We can provide specific solution to your actual requirements. For instance, if you want to use the products to cultivate aquacultures in the sea water and you need special anti-corrosive material to protect the machine, we can customize the machine with SUS 316 or dual-phase steel. Also please name your special requirements about the voltage and electricity frequency. A kind remind here, motors manufactures in China normally is 50Hz.
    ※ What is the different of the common bubbles and ultra fine bubbles?
    Common bubbles is easy to break, to disappear, and ultra fine bubbles are more stable, more good performance to block the dirty.
    ※ What is the advantages of the new type dissolving machine?
    Dissolved gas water dissolving efficiency 80-100%, 3 times higher than traditional dissolved air flotation efficiency
    Deliver, Shipping And Serving
    Shipment by sea to most counties, customers also can use own shipper agents. Customized container for wooden box or sea transport.Dissolved Air Flotation

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