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    Special-shaped steel wire (for car body accessories)
    This product is suitable for the manufacture of glass lifts, Dang Quan, wipers and door locks and car mounts, and other special-shaped steel wire.
    Classification and code
    Cold drawing (rolling): L annealing (+ pull): T quenched and tempered: Zh
    Straight edge flat steel wire: Yb arc edge flat steel wire: Hb vault flat steel wire: Gb square wire: Fs ( below)

    Size, shape and tolerances
    Specification range(b、h、a)Allowable deviation
    H or ab
    0.8~1.00 -0.070 -0.12
    >1.0~3.00 -0.100 -0.14
    >3.0~6.00 -0.120 -0.16
    >6.0~8..0–0 -0.18
    >8.0~12.0–0 -0.22
    Mechanical properties
    UseBrandtensile strength,N/mm2
    Glass lifter65Mn、50CrVA≤785
    Door lock, slide, retaining ring15、25、45≤835
    Note: According to user requirements, but also other tensile strength of delivery
    Surface Quality
    The surface of the steel wire shall be smooth and free from defects such as cracks, rust, folds, knots, etc. which may adversely affect the use, but shall permit the presence of an anisotropic scale and individual scratches and pits not exceeding one half of the dimensional tolerance.
    delivery status
    Curtain lifter with curved flat steel wire annealed or annealed to pull the state delivery
    Door slides, locks, retaining ring wire to cold drawing (rolling) state delivery
    Wipers with stainless steel flat wire to cold-drawn state delivery, carbon steel flat steel wire to quenched and tempered state
    With wide experience and expertise, Friend Metal is engaged in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of shaped non-standard custom shaped steel wire65mn 60si2mna 55crsi sae9254v 50crva ASTM-A230-99, ASTM-A401, EN10270-2, JIS G3561. As a professional manufacturer, we now brings you high quality various steel wires made in China which comes in high strength, well toughness and excellent wearing resistance. We also welcome your customized orders.Shaped Spring Steel Wire China

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