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  • fish73fi posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    1. Beautiful appearance, and various colors for choice;
    2. Multiple accessibility options;
    3. Easy & fast to install;
    4. Fireproof, anti – corrosion, thermo stability and good weather resistance;
    5. Custom made metal walls available to coordinate with ceilings and other interior / exterior finishings;
    6. Open through, same row & equal height features make it suitable for ventilator and hydrant layout, not
    impacting the whole visual effect, uniform color & glossy;
    7. Nice pigment wet ability, no static, non – flammable;
    8. Overlong weather resistance, anti – acid, alkali;
    9. Certificate: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE, GB/T28001-2011, SGS Test etc;

    Bullet shaped ceiling features flat surfaces effect, beautiful & concise lines, class A2 fireproof, nice moisture proof and easy for installation. It won’t produce harmful gas & substance, no harm to people.
    It’s widely used on industrial and civil buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, railway station, airport, big clubs, airport, hotel, residential ceiling, building decorative material market, subway, interior partitions, suspended ceiling, airport, bus station, museum, opera house, exhibition hall, shopping centre, conference hall, bar and etc.China Bullet Shaped Ceiling manufacturers

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