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    Fabmann is a professional manufacturer of different kinds of sheet metal fabrication parts and stamping parts.
    Fabmann’s manufacturing unit is ISO9001 certified, and all of our production is made under strict production process control.
    All of Fabmann’s deliveries are subjected to strict production control covering raw material, measurement, welding and surface treatment.
    1. Introduction
    Truss mending plates are widely used for wood to wood connection, and also often applied in repair projects.
    Custom Truss Mending Plate
    OEM Truss Mending Plate
    Custom Timber mending plates
    2. Advantage
    A. Easy to install
    B. Wide range of various shapes like straight, L-shaped, T-shaped with different hole pattern to fit any job condition
    C. Good anti-corrosion surface treatment
    D. Wide range of materials like stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and pre-galvanized steel are available
    3. Specification
    Thickness: 2mm (0.08inch); 2.5 (0.1inch), 3mm (0.12inch); 4mm (0.16inch) 4.5mm (0.18inch)
    Material: Pre-galvanized steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel (304, 316/316L)
    Surface treatment available in zinc plating, hot dip galvanization, powder coating
    HDG Thickness: 60-70μm (428-500g/m²)
    Powder Coating: 60-80μm
    Zinc Plating: 10μm; brush surface for stainless steel
    Size: 100mm x 35mm x 2.5mm or custom design
    Width from 50mm upto 200mm
    Length from 60mm upto 400mm
    Fabmann supplies wide range of OEM mending plates in carbon steel and stainless steel with powder coating or hot dip galvanization surface.
    4. Application
    Timber mending plates are also pre-drilled and countersunk for use with flat head screws, and allow flat-head screws to be screwed down flush with the surface of the plate
    5. Service
    Fabmann supplies a very comprehensive range of galvanized and powder coated mending plates, and offers quality warranty for mending plates.
    6. Our Facory
    Truss Mending Plate Manufacturers
    Truss Mending Plate Suppliers
    China Truss Mending Plate Factory
    Timber Mending Plates Manufacturers
    Timber Mending Plates Suppliers
    China Timber Mending Plates Factory
    Established in 1992, we have exported sheet metal and stamping parts to Australia, Canada, America, Europe and Japan. Under the Brand of Fabmann, we provide quality warranty for all of our sheet metal fabrication, welding fabrication and stamping parts with competitive price.
    If you are interested in any of truss mending plate or would like to discuss a technical question regarding sheet metal production options , please feel free to contact us, and Fabmann is looking forward to service you.Wood Connectors manufacturers

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