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  • astao81 posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Thickness: 4.0mm/4.5mm/ 5.0mm
    Wear Layer: 0.2mm / 0.3mm / 0.5mm
    Size: 180*1220mm, 152*914mm
    Nowadays more and more floor companies are launching “Anti-Bacterial Floor” to the market, They are saying: “The flooring is 99% anti-bacteria, and more than ten years warranty for the lifetime.” Do you believe ? No,I don’t think so. Actually there are very few people understand how antibacterial floor works.
    We’d better to know the difference between “anti-bacteria” and “inhibit-bacteria”, currently the technology of the Anti-Bacteria has two ways, one is adding anti bacterial factors inside the floor core material, like engineering and laminate wooden floor, the core board is made from wooden fiber, the anti bacterial factors such as “silver ion””o_2″”zinc oxide” may be added in side.
    another way is to use nano material to cover the floor surface to prevent bacterial growth. But till the effect is not proved by any test institution nor government laboratory. Furthermore is the question of the infill factor itself, is it poisonous ? nobody knows.
    What we can do is to choose the correct floor for correct application. For residential ,the condition is quite dry and clean, wooden floor is the first choice, Don’t need to worry about bacterial issue if the maintenance is correctly.
    For some special application, such as hospital, lab ,better to choose pvc commercial flooring, because it is water proof and very easy to clean, the most important thing is there is no installation gap after hot welding.
    So, it is not a question whether the floor is anti bacterial or not itself, it’s a question to choose what is correct for your need. LVT FLOORING suppliers

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