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    MM101 Height-length measuring board wooden scale:
    1. Size assembled: Length 130cm x Width 25cm. (minimum).
    2. Measurement tape on one side of the board.
    3. Graduation: 1mm
    4. Material: Hardwood, with a water& insects-resistant finish, well seasoned
    5. Thickness:
    6. Plat form : 1.5cm (Sliding)
    7. Height-Length Measuring Board Wooden 4.5 kg -5 Kg
    8. Body : 8mm
    9. Bit Thickness : 25mm (approx.)
    10. Base Thickness : 30cm x 30cm (approx)
    11. Compromised of:
    12. Main board.
    13. Extension piece: collapsible, starts at 70cm to 130cm.
    14. Sliding piece to measure head or foot.
    15. Shoulder strap in both sides: adjustable for carrying.
    16. Assembling: Easily assembled and dis mountable.
    17. Packaging: the board folds up compactly: the sliding head or foot piece located at the base of the board collapses; it is screwed on to the main board.
    Height-Length Measuring board wooden scale Technical Parameters:
    Product name Height-Length Measuring board wooden scale
    Material wooden
    Function Height measuring
    measure range 70-130cm
    measure tape steel/pvc
    graduation 1mm
    Size L:130cm*W:25cm
    Height-Length Measuring board wooden scale Advantages:
    1. Durability:over TEN-year service life for proper operation.
    2. Production experience:20 years’ OEM production for many agents and import trading company.
    3. Reasonable price:mass production keep all cost down enable to offer the best price. Other Scale manufacturers

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